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Ballet / Tap Combo

Our most popular class, Ballet / Tap Combo Dance Class exposes students to the joy of ballet and tap through movement using games, creative exercises, exploration of dance styles, and an introduction to movement vocabulary. Children learn in a positive atmosphere while learning a curriculum that introduces the basic concepts of Ballet and Tap, promotes musicality and rhythm, and instructs foundational and fundamental dance techniques.

– Tiny Tots | 3-4 year olds
– Rising Stars | 4-5 year olds
– Shining Stars | 5-6 year olds
– Shooting Stars | 7-8 year olds
– Ballet and Tap
– Two Revue dances

Dress Code: 

Children are expected to wear a leotard and tights. Dance skirts and appropriate cover-ups are permitted. Hair must be secured off of face and neck.