TDA’s Policies & Procedures:

As we embark on a new dance season, we’re keenly aware that the start to this year is unlike any other. That’s why we wanted to take a moment and share specifics about the new policies and procedures we’ve put in place to keep our dancers, staff, and extended TDA families safe during this uncertain time.

First and foremost, we take the health and safety of our dancers extremely seriously. That’s why we’ve created these safety protocols in conjunction with Trista Gaebel, a TDA parent and staff member, who is also a Registered Nurse closely involved in creating and managing a large healthcare system’s COVID procedures.

Here is what we’re doing at TDA to keep each of you safe this season:

Click HERE to watch a short instructional video


  • To minimize the number of people in our space, only dancers will be allowed to enter the building, 3-5 minutes before class begins
    • ONE parent may accompany a younger dancer to their classroom. You will be allowed to enter the building at the class start time, no earlier
  • Immediately upon entering the studio, all dancers will be given temperature checks and provided with hand sanitizer 
  • Masks will be required to enter the studio and are mandatory in the common areas and anytime maintaining social distancing is not possible
  • Dancers will sit on colored dots outside of their classroom, all spaced 6 ft apart
    • Please have dancers enter with their dance shoes already on
    • Combo classes will wear ballet shoes first
    • Please put street shoes in their dance bag


  • Dancers will be given hand sanitizer as they leave the classroom
  • Teachers will walk them to the lobby where they will sit on a dot to put their street shoes on 
  • Our front desk staff person will escort them out once a parent has arrived
  • Students will be asked to wait inside until a parent is present

Common Areas:

  • No access to drinking fountains: bring your own water bottles
  • No chairs
  • No toys
  • Studio and main restroom doors to remain propped open to maximize airflow & limit contact with high-touch surfaces

During Class:

  • In the classroom we highly encourage all dancers to wear their masks at all times, removing them only to drink or eat, or during scheduled “Mask Breaks” at the discretion of their teacher
  • 6-foot sections of space are taped off on the dance floor to create maximum space between each dancer
  • 6-foot sections are also marked along the perimeter of the studio when dancers go across the floor
  • Each studio is equipped with plenty of hand sanitizer for use as needed
  • Studio doors are now left open to maximize airflow & limit contact with high-touch surfaces
  • If a parent would like to wait outside the studio, you are welcome to bring a chair or blanket to sit in the grass during your child’s class

Cleaning In Between Classes:

  • Before each class, TDA staff will sanitize:
    • Ballet barres
    • iPads & audio equipment used by staff
    • Door handles & light switches
    • Mats & other “props”

Staff & Dancer Safety Protocols:

For the health and safety of your fellow dancers, TDA staff, and the community-at-large we ask that all dancers and staff follow common sense health guidelines and remain hyper-vigilant. This means:

  • If you don’t feel well, stay home
    • Attendance policies have been relaxed as we prioritize safety over “powering through” any illness, no matter how mild the symptoms
  • Wash your hands frequently and make an effort not to touch your face
  • Take mask-wearing seriously as your mask better protects yourself and others from infection 

We are so excited to get back into the studio and start this season! We are 100% committed to completing a successful year from start to finish without the need for disruption. 

Your adherence to the above policies, along with the example you set for your dancers at home and out in the community, go a long way towards allowing us to remain open to serve you and provide a much-needed sense of normalcy for your dancer(s). 

We appreciate your continued support!