September Newsletter Info!

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Hi guys!! Welcome to TDA! Here’s to a great new year of dancing!! If you have ANY questions, comments, or concerns feel free to email or call me! I can’t tell you enough how excited I am for this year! ? – Mindy

Studio Rules and Policies:

– The curtains will be open for parent viewing the last 10-15 minutes of each class. This is to limit distractions to the dancers & teachers but allow you to see your children dancing and having fun! Please do not place chairs under viewing windows. This is for standing only. Thanks!
– To ensure class times begin promptly, all questions can be addressed at the front desk or you set up a private meeting with your child’s teacher.
– No street shoes are allowed on any dance floor at any time. If in Studio C, please place street shoes on the black mat inside the locker room. If on Studio A/B side please place shoes under benches in hallway.
– Company parents and I have put in LOTS of time and hard work to make the studio an enjoyable place to be. Please respect it as you would your own home by picking up after yourselves and keeping it clean. Notify the front desk or any teacher of spills, etc right away.

Payment Information:

– Tuition payment is due by the 10th of each month with a $15 late charged applied after the 14th.
– The credit card system will be up and running by the end of this week. Any payments made this week will NOT incur a late charge.
Online Billing System:
– I will have details about this new system and how to register next week!


– Shoes are NOT in yet. I will have them by next week!
– I am still finalizing the TDA Academy logo. Once completed, I will have t-shirts for all that ordered them! Thanks for your patience as I decide on the final logo!

Dates to Remember:

– Halloween parties will be the week of October 24th. We will be closed on Monday, October 31st for Halloween.
– The recital date is set!! Rehearsals will be on Thursday, June 7th and Friday, June 8th with both Recital shows on Saturday June 9th!! It will be taking place at Gretna High School. More information to come!!

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